Cyber Security Consulting Services.
SIEM Solutions. Digital Forensics. Incident Response.

At Pelta, we provide cyber security talent to keep your organization secure and compliant. Short-term consulting. Full-time hires. Outsourced project solutions.

Our commitment is to find the right cyber security professionals for every client and project,,,and the right project for every cyber security professional.

Why choose Pelta?

Pelta Cyber Security is a Division of Softworld Inc. That means we give your business the focused attention of a small, specialized firm and the resources of a much larger company, including:

Trusted Cyber Security Resources.

As a result of our recruiting model and industry expertise, Pelta is able to deliver superior cyber security talent more consistently than anyone else.

Faster Delivery.

Because Pelta proactively recruits within key skill disciplines, we are able to fill job openings faster than our competitors.

Headache-free Experience.

Pelta employs senior recruiters with a long tenure. Our clients don’t need to constantly retrain a new recruiter, and they only receive short-list-caliber candidates. We eliminate “waste” in the hiring process and make hiring easier and more efficient.

Productivity and Performance.

Because we are better able to assess each candidate’s skills and industry knowledge, we are able to provide more productive security resources.

Cost savings.

We are often able to lower the total cost of cyber-security resources by providing consultants who are more productive and require less management.


Consulting Services

We can help you identify vulnerable facets of your environment, business operation, and third parties and potential risks associated with each. We offer various levels of consulting with a-la-carte options to keep your entire organization secure while holding down costs.

Security Assessment

We delve deep into every aspect of the security of your organization’s operations and identify opportunities for external attack and exploitation along with internal threats, fraud, and loss.

Security Compliance

It’s tough to keep up with ever-expanding regulatory requirements. Our consultants are seasoned veterans with more than 20 years’ experience in business and technology transformation. We can resolve compliance needs in an efficient and affordable manner suitable to your budget and scope.

Digital Forensics

The team at Pelta has your digital forensics needs covered, from local and global evidence collection, to internal investigations and breach determination.

Incident Response

Pelta responds rapidly to any breach to contain the event, recover, prevent recurrence, and elevate your business and staff to address the next round of assault.

Penetration Testing

The real-world extent of compromise by a focused attacker can be devastating to a business. The team at Pelta has a 98 percent success rate for penetrating customer environments. Our approach will leave your organization and staff better protected and educated about the benefits and application of security principles.

Vulnerability Management

Millions of scans are conducted by attackers against the systems of businesses just like yours. We offer managed vulnerability assessment and ad-hoc application scanning. We are also able to conduct in-depth predeployment scanning and certification to identify and mitigate risks to your business and your users before your adversary.

Security Monitoring

Having deployed multiple SIEM solutions across industries, we know the use cases to get the most bang for your buck. This helps eliminate false positives and increase the performance and fidelity of your current investments in monitoring infrastructure. We can also establish 24 by 7 dedicated teams focused on monitoring your most critical assets and reach beyond detection to advanced remediation.

Our teams have built and operated some of the largest security deployments in the world, managing over 60,000 events in a single month across an ocean of customers. Leveraging data analytics, threat hunting and our collective minds, we can bring new visibility and fidelity to your security posture and business operations.